Adil Jalilov, one of the most successful journalists in Kazakhstan, speaks at LDP

20 Jan

9 September 2010

Adil Jalilov started his career in mass media in 1994, gaining extensive experience both in print journalism and in television. In 2004, Mr. Jalilov became the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Kursiv.  Also, he is the director and a founder of the international journalism center Media Net.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Jalilov is one of the leading journalists of Kazakhstan, and he had a lot to share with the students of LDP. He spoke extensively about the structure of mass media in Kazakhstan and its regulation.  Having laid this groundwork, Mr. Jalilov gave students interesting examples about specific challenges and opportunities that journalists currently face.

Many students were interested in issues concerning freedom of speech and the role of the Internet in its development. According to Mr. Jalilov, “the Internet is gaining more and more significance in both business and the world of journalism.  Many newspapers are closing specifically because of the development of the Internet.”

Mr. Jalilov also responded to questions about the future of journalism in Kazakhstan, and in particular its potential to develop standards similar to those used in the West.  One of the key factors in this process, Mr. Jalilov explained, is the emergence of the next generation of Kazakhstani journalists.

“A change of generations will be able to gradually alter the problems of freedom of speech and develop the media market as a whole,” he explained.  “It is difficult to change the system with the current generation still in control.  The current generation of students, who have grown up with a market economy and an open culture, will become the key factor in the future development of media.”

Coming back to the subject of leadership, Mr. Jalilov noted that “one cannot become a leader artificially, and can not chase it.”  In his opinion, “any leader should have a healthy share of modesty, powerful charisma, high competency and communication skills.”

During his career, Mr. Jalilov has held a variety of leadership positions, both at different levels and in different spheres. “I was the director of a PR agency, which had quite a large budget, but at some point I decided that I needed a little more freedom,” he confessed.

But that doesn’t mean that Mr. Jalilov has stopped making plans for the future.  “At the moment, my partners and I are developing four organizations,” he said.  “These ideas do not help us become wealthier, but help bring up the young generation of journalists. It is important not only to earn money, but also to do something useful for the community and country you live in.”


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