Networks are all around us…

2 Feb

“(Networks) are all around us. We rely on them. We are threatened by them. We are part of them. Networks shape our world, but they can be confusing: no obvious leader or centre, no familiar structure and no easy diagram to describe them. Networks self-organise, morphing and changing as they react to interference or breakdown.” (McCarthy et al, 2004: 11)

“Networks embody a set of fundamental principles for the ordering, distribution and coordination of different components, whether chemical, natural, social or digital. Network principles help to explain not just the distribution of wealth in monetary economies, but also the distribution of molecules in cellular systems. If we can recognise and detect these patterns more accurately, we could learn to use them for organisation and decision-making, to make possible new forms of coordination and collective action.” (McCarthy et al, 2004: 12)

Keeping the ideas from this quotes I want to  describe a network such as  distribution of different components in natural, social and chemical spheres. All people are part of this spheres and networks governs all over the world. NETworks are the most famous  connections which are really known in all world and help to different people to talk, to chat, skimming accounts and be at the center of attention.

The quotes might help us to understand our networks. Consider what the network is like, we are the part of it, we understand how it is important for us and  how it connects to other networks.Networks also help to touch with people throug the Internet if we don’t see each other in real life.  Every day at university we connect with different people, different overlapping relationships(organizations, family, interest, background). We discuss relationships with relatives and close friends. In NITS course we connect with people on-line and we learn  and make decision, we make a new accounts and with this strategies we more and more closer to each other. Also we write our blogs which are give important, interesting information to another people. Moreover we can make different advertisement and look through sites that are interesting for us.

Network principles help to explain the distribution of wealth in economies and finances, the distribution of molecules in cellular systems,different ways which are help to govern.In other words, all things which are touch our life.


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