New Information Technologies. Examination of social Network Sites. Twitter draft.

8 Feb

Twitter- is a social networking and micro blogging service that allows giving opportunity to produce text-bases and to write short messages.

According to the ‘SNS’ we can say that Twitter is construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system. People create own account for communication, advertisement and works. Moreover we can find interesting information which we needed in order to be informed. But it is not all, we also can say with confidence that Twitter is a lit of other users with whom they share a connection. In addition according to the article SNS Twitter is view and traverse list of connection and those made by others within the system.

Twitter we can get design features encourage us to do things more creative, for instance, we can customize design profile in the Twitter especially for you. We can choose attractive beautiful background images, themes and design colors by selected from internet and also from application of Twitter. We can immediately see changes in ours profile until we click “Save Changes”. Profiles also have unique pages where people can “type oneself into being” (Sunden, 2003, p.3.) and after that we can admire our account every time. With help of the features Twitter nowadays get more and more social and useful for attraction and networking.

Twitter account as usual used for communication and advertisement. Exactly we can say that Twitter use for relationships among close friends, relationship initiation, often between strangers and friends from different countries. Also we can conversation with celebrities and find news about their lives, events and achievements. Twitter include a lot of different pages with entertainment which composed music, clips, videos and photos. And we without delay follow them. As we mentioned earlier we use Twitter as communication among different sites, for example, ‘The Facebook’, ‘Wordpress’, ‘Kontakt’ and ‘My Space’. Twitter has many uses for both personal and business benefits. For business, Twitter can be used to broadcast your affairs, latest news and blog posts.


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