The Immigrant Rights Movement on the Net

11 Apr

The article tell us information about migrant rights movement through the hard work of hundreds of organizations. The growth of this movement was by slogan “The sleeping giant is now awake!”. One of the dangerous and violent place was the Macarthur Park near to the West of Los Angeles. This park was the danger zone of drug dealers, sex workers and general racialized urban chaos.

I consider some aspects of the author’s ideas about the internet and social movements. Firstly, Garmen Gonzalez found a survey that ratio was in fact the key media which was used to inform people about the marches in los Angeles. Secondly, role of popular communication online, especially grassroots video activists, immigrant rights organizers and every day people participating in the mobilizations. This discussion were grounded in authors experience.

Moreover, all we know that online video and networking sites are big business and they replicate the inequalities of class, race and gender through the media industry.  Article added that the “social media” sites can be an effective visibility strategy but activists need to understand their participation.  Also one of the most important things is that useful framings for the immigrants rights movement is alternative media, grassroots media, community media and communication popular media. Dmitri Kleiner and Brian Wyrick titled “Infoenclosure 2.0″ in which they describe Web 2.0 as ” a venture capitalist’s paradise where investors pocket the value produced by unpaid users, ride on the technical innovations of the free software movement, and kill off the decentralising potential of peer-to-peer production”. In my point of view this is an important and necessary step of the media and cultural industries into the Internet.


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