Bar Camp Event

25 Apr

Bar Camp-fourth educational conference for professionals of new media journalists, media IT professionals, media programmers and all who involved with the internet. Every year more and more members want to attend this conference and get a massive amount of knowledge from different spheres. I was surprised that many people were from different towns and were mainly IT professionals. For example, there were participants from Asia, CIS countries, Eastern and Western Europe.

Saturday morning I attended two presentations, 3D Customization, cartoons and PR. One was particularly interesting for me. Students second and third year have created a dedicated online application through which anyone can buy any clothes plus more apply it. This application is called “Virtual Dressing Room”. All we know that mostly people buy products and different technology thorough Internet. So, this application helps people not spending the time and to be fashionable. On the site you can simply download the picture then print it and stand in front of the monitor. Computer himself identifies and provides a selection of different clothes and you can easily buy this or that thing.

On the second session TOO “AGT-Kazakhstan” told how to find work in the Internet, what sites and platforms are popular in Kazakhstan? So, the most popular platforms in Kazakhstan: “Afisha Kz”, “Kivvi”, “VSE”, “Your Vision”, “NUR KZ”, “Zakon. Kz”, Vox Populi”: in Kirgizstan: “Expert .info”, “”, “Forum.Kg”, AkuPress”: in Uzbekistan:  “Forum”, “”, Uz-Kino”,”: in Azerbaijan: “Trend”, “Day. Az”, “Baku Pager”, “Baniz”, Bakililar.Az”.

Moreover, they told us how to make friends (bloggers). Firstly we should include loyalty program, then the clarity and relevance, uniqueness of information, not a few important peer- review blogger, and of course the blog rounds. Differ from blog sites live online communication, thematic threads at variety topics, selection of information, online conference.

Additioanaly, on the site “On.Kz” there are stellar blogs, friends, advertising, customer support. On the “” you can broadcast information to other platforms. Also, on this site there are no people around the site, no development site on the professional interests.  On the “Your Vision” site personalization platforms through the administration of resources, moderation feathers, organizing and conducting the blog rounds, introducing corporate blogs.

To conclude, I want to say that these two sessions are closely linked with our New Information Technology course because we discuss how this applications work and which platforms we have. This two sessions are related to the Networks and give us a lot of new information which are complements everything that we taught.


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