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New Information and Communication technologies for development

4 May

“We talk about technology because there is nothing else to talk about if you want to sound intelligent.” Evgeny Morozov

In the article “Liberation technology: dreams, politics, history” the author Armine Ishkania try to explain us how nowadays people are developing some arguments about the power of new information and communication technologies for development (NICT4D). The main idea of NUTC4D can be construed as dealing with applications in developing countries and with disadvantaged populations around the world. This sphere of development is becoming recognized as a research area which can be a big amount of conferences and publications. A good example of the impact on development includes mobile telecommunications and radio broadcasting fighting political corruption in Burundi. ICT4D projects engage with the following issues such as access and infrastructure (providing operating systems, software, hardware, connectivity to the internet), capacity building and training (digital literacy), regulation and digital rights ( e-Government) and technical innovations (

Moreover, there is a debate between “liberation technologists” and their critics. This situation we might see with help of Evgeny Morozov, the author of  “The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom”. It is about reaching for a more complex, realistic and grounded assessment. Morozov brings up a number of examples to illustrate his main point: Internet access and social media do not automatically lead to more democracy and less oppression. He points out that social media are frequently used by the oppressors themselves to incriminate the users. During the 2009 uprising in Tehran, the Iranian government was able to use uploaded photos on Flickr to identify individuals they would prosecute. The government was also able to use these photos to crowd source – asking people to submit information about specific individuals in the photos( In addition Morozov said that  “Facebook wants to make sure the accounts belong to real people that they can place ads in front of”.

Therefore, a year after calling for a global spread of Internet freedoms to match others, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the Web’s effect on the recent Egyptian uprising and its potential for liberation and repression elsewhere. “The ways that citizens and the authorities used the Internet reflected the power of connection technologies on the one hand as an accelerant of political, social and economic change, and on the other hand as a means to stifle or extinguish that change”( She said that governments such as Iran were using the same tools to crush opposition. Also cited Cuba, Myanmar and Vietnam as among those seeking to curb Internet freedoms.

Also you can see more information on this site:;;


Bar Camp Event

25 Apr

Bar Camp-fourth educational conference for professionals of new media journalists, media IT professionals, media programmers and all who involved with the internet. Every year more and more members want to attend this conference and get a massive amount of knowledge from different spheres. I was surprised that many people were from different towns and were mainly IT professionals. For example, there were participants from Asia, CIS countries, Eastern and Western Europe.

Saturday morning I attended two presentations, 3D Customization, cartoons and PR. One was particularly interesting for me. Students second and third year have created a dedicated online application through which anyone can buy any clothes plus more apply it. This application is called “Virtual Dressing Room”. All we know that mostly people buy products and different technology thorough Internet. So, this application helps people not spending the time and to be fashionable. On the site you can simply download the picture then print it and stand in front of the monitor. Computer himself identifies and provides a selection of different clothes and you can easily buy this or that thing.

On the second session TOO “AGT-Kazakhstan” told how to find work in the Internet, what sites and platforms are popular in Kazakhstan? So, the most popular platforms in Kazakhstan: “Afisha Kz”, “Kivvi”, “VSE”, “Your Vision”, “NUR KZ”, “Zakon. Kz”, Vox Populi”: in Kirgizstan: “Expert .info”, “”, “Forum.Kg”, AkuPress”: in Uzbekistan:  “Forum”, “”, Uz-Kino”,”: in Azerbaijan: “Trend”, “Day. Az”, “Baku Pager”, “Baniz”, Bakililar.Az”.

Moreover, they told us how to make friends (bloggers). Firstly we should include loyalty program, then the clarity and relevance, uniqueness of information, not a few important peer- review blogger, and of course the blog rounds. Differ from blog sites live online communication, thematic threads at variety topics, selection of information, online conference.

Additioanaly, on the site “On.Kz” there are stellar blogs, friends, advertising, customer support. On the “” you can broadcast information to other platforms. Also, on this site there are no people around the site, no development site on the professional interests.  On the “Your Vision” site personalization platforms through the administration of resources, moderation feathers, organizing and conducting the blog rounds, introducing corporate blogs.

To conclude, I want to say that these two sessions are closely linked with our New Information Technology course because we discuss how this applications work and which platforms we have. This two sessions are related to the Networks and give us a lot of new information which are complements everything that we taught.

The Immigrant Rights Movement on the Net

11 Apr

The article tell us information about migrant rights movement through the hard work of hundreds of organizations. The growth of this movement was by slogan “The sleeping giant is now awake!”. One of the dangerous and violent place was the Macarthur Park near to the West of Los Angeles. This park was the danger zone of drug dealers, sex workers and general racialized urban chaos.

I consider some aspects of the author’s ideas about the internet and social movements. Firstly, Garmen Gonzalez found a survey that ratio was in fact the key media which was used to inform people about the marches in los Angeles. Secondly, role of popular communication online, especially grassroots video activists, immigrant rights organizers and every day people participating in the mobilizations. This discussion were grounded in authors experience.

Moreover, all we know that online video and networking sites are big business and they replicate the inequalities of class, race and gender through the media industry.  Article added that the “social media” sites can be an effective visibility strategy but activists need to understand their participation.  Also one of the most important things is that useful framings for the immigrants rights movement is alternative media, grassroots media, community media and communication popular media. Dmitri Kleiner and Brian Wyrick titled “Infoenclosure 2.0″ in which they describe Web 2.0 as ” a venture capitalist’s paradise where investors pocket the value produced by unpaid users, ride on the technical innovations of the free software movement, and kill off the decentralising potential of peer-to-peer production”. In my point of view this is an important and necessary step of the media and cultural industries into the Internet.

Opinions about the Internet. Evgeny Morozov and Clay Shirkey.

9 Mar

Evgeny Morozov and Clay Shirkey in their speeches discuss the topic about Internet freedom. They have different opinions about this discussion. The main questions were “How can we make best use of the environment media?” and Debates about Internet and democratization.

Clay Shirkey claimed that the Internet is the first medium in history that has native support for conversations and for groups. The Internet is a public form for almost twenty years now. Nowadays, media is increasingly social, so, innovation happen anywhere and anytime that people can take for granted the idea that we are all in this together. In addition, he said, that Internet still changing as the media becomes more and more social. Basically, this changing among groups of people who know how to deal with the Internet well.To conclude, he also said, that “anybody, who has a message they want to have heard anywhere in the world, isn’t whether or not that is the media environment we want to operate in.”

Evgeny Morozov stated, that the Internet’s impact on democratization has never been about social media only. For example, the impact of social media on social mobilization plays a very minor part in my overall argument; I’m much more interested in understanding the long-term impact of new technologies on authoritarianism and here I also have to consider how it may boost their attempts at surveillance, propaganda, censorship and even the trivialization of public discourse.

Furthermore, Morozov considered himself like a pessimist and he think that this is idea about the Internet Freedom is not good, as when Shirkey supports Internet Freedom.

Internet Rights and Wrongs: Choices And Challenges in a Networked World

24 Feb

Hillary Clinton speech at George Washington University, 15 Febryary 2011.

This article contain a significant issue which deserves the attention of citizens and government.  This article tells needs that we have been watching in real time on our television sets. We look through some countries, for instance,  Egypt and Iran, and here we can see that there are protest movements. But government did not want the people to communicate with each other and press did not communicate with the public.Cell phones service was cut off, TV satellite signals were jammed and, of course, internet access was blocked for all population. In this case, people protested because of deep frustrations with the political and economic conditions. Then there were a debate whether the internet is a force for liberation or repression.

The internet has become the public space of the 21st century. We all shape and are shaped by what happens in the internet, for example, in marketplace, coffehouse, nightclub or town square. Hillary Clinton recommend to protect human righs online as they do offline. In our time, people are as likely to come together to pursue common interests online. Morereover, freedom  of expression and association online called “freedom to connect”. The United States supports this freedom for people everywhere. Also support expanding the number of people who acess to the internet. And because the internet must work they support the multi-stakeholder system that governs the internet today.

The main points of this article is to show challenge in internet. The first one is achieeving both liberty and security (are always presentes as equal and opposite); the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. The second one is protecting both transparency and confidentiality. The internet  is a channel for private communications and there must be protection for confidential communication online. The third is protecting free expression while fostering tolerance and civility. The internet is – false, offensive, incendiary, truthful and beautiful.

To conclude I want to say that the internet is one of the grand challenges of our time. It is struggle for human rights, for human freedom and for human dignity. We must support it.

here you see more information about Internet freedom:

Mobile Social Networking in theory and in practice

17 Feb

“A social network consists of a finite set or sets of actors and the relation or relations defined on them”

(Wasserman and Faust)

Nowadays mobile Social Software (MoSoSo) draw attention not only to the Media but also to the different mobile Markets.  People can not imagine their lives without communication among different sites because they can easily talk to each other anytime and anywhere.

In this article author try to show that there are a lot of issues which are completely influence for Social networks. For example, the impact of partial continuous attention, management of personal privacy issues of intellectual property rights and design issues.This article also include two steps which are  influence for Social networks. The first is a“portable multimedia computer” and the second is related to its transformation into a “remote controller of people’s lives”. All we know that the components of modern mobile phones differ from old ones, many key elements of the user interface have not improved. For instance, the structure of the mobile phonebook has not been significantly improved since early versions. Mobile phonebooks do not integrate a user profile nor social networking features and mechanisms that support sharing.

The analysis of the mobile dataset revealed that most communication occurred between 1 and 2 p.m. and between 6 and 9 p.m. No calls or messages were placed or sent between 6 and 8 a.m. This is one of the interesting fact which was improved.

To conclude,  Social networks become more and more popular. Traditional mobile services, such as phone calls and text messages, are designed respectively as synchronous and asynchronous means for interpersonal communication. These services are suitable for social coordination of small groups of people, but they do not scale well for larger groups.

New Information Technologies. Examination of social Network Sites. Twitter draft.

8 Feb

Twitter- is a social networking and micro blogging service that allows giving opportunity to produce text-bases and to write short messages.

According to the ‘SNS’ we can say that Twitter is construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system. People create own account for communication, advertisement and works. Moreover we can find interesting information which we needed in order to be informed. But it is not all, we also can say with confidence that Twitter is a lit of other users with whom they share a connection. In addition according to the article SNS Twitter is view and traverse list of connection and those made by others within the system.

Twitter we can get design features encourage us to do things more creative, for instance, we can customize design profile in the Twitter especially for you. We can choose attractive beautiful background images, themes and design colors by selected from internet and also from application of Twitter. We can immediately see changes in ours profile until we click “Save Changes”. Profiles also have unique pages where people can “type oneself into being” (Sunden, 2003, p.3.) and after that we can admire our account every time. With help of the features Twitter nowadays get more and more social and useful for attraction and networking.

Twitter account as usual used for communication and advertisement. Exactly we can say that Twitter use for relationships among close friends, relationship initiation, often between strangers and friends from different countries. Also we can conversation with celebrities and find news about their lives, events and achievements. Twitter include a lot of different pages with entertainment which composed music, clips, videos and photos. And we without delay follow them. As we mentioned earlier we use Twitter as communication among different sites, for example, ‘The Facebook’, ‘Wordpress’, ‘Kontakt’ and ‘My Space’. Twitter has many uses for both personal and business benefits. For business, Twitter can be used to broadcast your affairs, latest news and blog posts.